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I saw...him. At least I think it was him. Perhaps it was simply a ghost of a memory, or an image complied out of hopeful dreams and half-conscious realities. I was rather weary after spending the day in the market, and I had been distracted with muddled thoughts while on my way to the Temple of Diana...

He reminds me of... But how could that be when we've never even met? Then again, I have been thinking of Demetrius a lot lately...

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Perhaps...it is time for my fingers to feel the course feathers of an arrow. I may be able to sort my thoughts out then.
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18 February 2008 @ 09:20 am
The sky was so beautiful today. It reminded me of those days when the three of us would sit about the courtyard and talk of silly things no one else would understand. What a team we were. Tch, but nothing more than memories long gone, now.

It is a wonder how I still think of you, sweet Demetrius...

Four years to the day it has been since I last saw your face. How bright your smile was that day. You were so proud and so sure that you would bring my brother home, excited that your unit would finally be able to join the war in Gaul. And when you promised me so that you would return to me when the war was over, I had let myself believe it to be true. I should have known better.

I should have tried harder to stop you, but you were so determined to go, like my brother. You always so much like him, or rather, you always pretended to be like him. Perhaps to impress me. But I knew. And I always liked your true self better, though you would never believe it. But I had no need of another brother, simply someone who understood me. And you did, more than anyone else in the world could.

It hurt you just as it hurt me to see him leave on such a deadly campaign across the lands and I wanted to believe so much that you could do as you said, that you could be a hero like Great Achilles and Noble Hector, the likes of Ajax and Odysseus of which the world had not seen in centuries. And when my brother returned and told me the news of you...

What fools we both were. If only, if only. If only I had the chance to tell you, my love... You were always my hero.

Perhaps...I will visit the temple of Mantus and Mania today and pray for your safe keeping in the underworld. That way when we meet again, you will be as I remember you...

...I wonder if Ren remembers what day it is...
17 January 2008 @ 10:29 pm
Already it has been two years since soldiers' returned from their campaign in Egypt. It seemed almost yesterday that they were being welcomed home in the streets of the city, lead by Caesar, flanked by his personal guards.

He is an interesting man from what I have heard from father and dear Renius, both of the Senate and of the Military. It makes me wonder if such a leader can exist within the walls of Rome without there being substantial consequences from all sides. In any case, he seems kind and well-meaning from what I have seen of his reign, truly a formidable force with the best interests of the city state in mind.

But he brought my brother back to me alive and well, a man now. A soldier of Rome. And that all I could ever ask for. I had missed him, worried for him like any sister would and perhaps more. He is my brother, but also my dearest friend. I do not know what I would do if I had lost him too.

So it troubles me now that Ren seems a little restless with the normal life he had enjoyed so much before. For the most part he still remains the same. But sometimes...he just seems so far away from me, from everyone. Then again, how could I ever expect him to not be changed after fighting in such a war?
02 January 2008 @ 12:48 am
-waves- Hello everyone. This would be the character journal for Tenten in the rp community of mythos_arcana. If you need to contact me or, you know, just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment here or try the following:

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